Safety for tradies

Most tradies want a simple, easy to manage system of safety that enables them to effectively manage their risk, without spending hours at a computer. 

Big Yellow Safety® provides safety for tradies who work in the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers regions. Our safety consulting team delivers your safety essentials in an easy to understand, cost effective format which enables you to stick to doing what you do best. 

Gold Coast Safety Consultant

Our most popular tradie safety services include: 

  • Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
  • Safety documents requested by a Principal Contractor
  • Amending current safety policies, procedures, and statements. 

What is a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)? 

Under a range of state WHS legislation, certain high risk work tasks such as working at heights, or in a confined space require a SWMS.  

Some companies also require sub-contractors to prepare SWMS for the work that they are going to do for them, so tradies are often asked to present a detailed SWMS before commencing their part of the work. We find this is where tradies are most often caught out. Often the principal contractor won’t ask for a SWMS until just before the work is due to commence (assuming you have your safety in order), which often leads to a stressful day or two for the tradie who needs to produce a sufficient SWMS so that the project isn’t delayed. 

If you need a SWMS or think you’ll need one in the future (most tradies should have a SWMS to be operating safely), then get in touch with our team who can assist. 

Or, check out our free SWMS template

Safe Work Australia is also a great resource for information on safety for tradies. 

Will you be tendering for bigger jobs? 

If you are wanting to grow your client base and get bigger jobs by tender, you will need to get yourself sorted with a more robust safety system. 

Tendering for work can initially be exhausting but once you have the right documents in place, it gets easier.  A quality tender submission will mean that you have a decent chance of winning the work each time because you will be trusted as having your sh*t together safety-wise. 

Big Yellow Safety® can assist tradies to prepare the essential safety documents and practices which principal contractors expect you to have in place to work with them. Take it from the experts, if you don’t have the correct WHS in place, you may miss out on wining the tender. Our WHS packs ensure you have all the required safety policies, procedures, checklists and other documents to get you in the running to win and retain tenders. 

View our Safety Management System page to find out what you need to be well positioned against your competitors. Don’t leave it too long because the perfect job will come along, and may miss out if you don’t have something ready to go. 

Are your safety documents out of date, or have they been rejected by a principal contractor? 

If your safety system is not where it should be, get in touch and we can review what you have and tell you how it can be improved. Safety for tradies is not complex, but there are some obligations that need to be met. Big Yellow Safety® can assist.