Safety Consulting Company Gold Coast

Welcome to Big Yellow Safety®, your local Safety Specialist working with SMEs across the Gold Coast, Northern Rivers and Regional areas.  

Big Yellow Safety® was founded from the realisation that the majority of small and medium business owners have a limited understanding of their actual WHS obligations. This means that many businesses and individuals running businesses without sound safety practices are exposed to things like: 

  • the business decision makers receiving compliance notices;
  • workers compensation premiums rising and employees losing work time due to serious injuries;
  • employees being seriously injured or even killed while at work;
  • major damage to the reputation of the business; 
  • the business receiving large fines resulting in financial difficulties; or 
  • in serious cases, jail time for those in charge of the business or undertaking. 

Big Yellow Safety® specialise in: 

Safety for tradies; 

Safety for small business; and 

Safety for expanding business

Big Yellow Safety® aims to help as many businesses as possible to achieve a safer workplace. Outside of this, we are also invested in being good humans and giving back where we can. Big Yellow Safety® is proud to be a Corporate Partner with Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, which is located just down the road from our Palm Beach, Queensland headquarters. Every year the hospital saves countless lives that would otherwise be lost without their specialised care.   

The Big Yellow Safety® Promise.

Big Yellow Safety® is your #1 choice for Gold Coast Safety Specialist support. 

The right solution

We won't sell you anything until we ascertain what the best option is to meet your safety obligations.The right safety solution depends on your specific situation, and no-one can (or should) tell you this without talking to you.

Quality not quantity

We won't suggest an over the top safety package that's confusing or unnecessary. Our suggestions will always be made with honesty and practicality in mind and will always be suitable for your specific circumstances.

We understand

We know you care about safety but have been busy. We realise that things slip, or need adjusting as the workplace grows and the business evolves. Let's create a safer workplace together.

Hire our Gold Coast Safety Specialist Team

Big Yellow Safety® provides work health and safety services across the entire Gold Coast, Northern Rivers and other Regional areas who may not have easy access to a safety consultant.  Book a free and confidential consultation at our Palm Beach HQ or via Telephone/Teams.