Safety for expanding businesses

Business growth and expansion is a common trigger for our clients to have engaged our Gold Coast WHS Consultant team, either for the first time, or to review a current safety system. You may need to engage Big Yellow Safety® because: 

  • there is new plant and equipment being introduced
  • the business is moving to a larger or different premises
  • there is new leadership that would like fresh eyes on safety  
  • your business has received an improvement notice from the Regulator
  • your business has outgrown its current safety system 
  • your current safety system is confusing or not utilised properly
  • you need safety support for this first time. 

Whatever the case, it’s important to ensure you engage an experienced safety consultant who can guide you through what is right for your business’ specific circumstances. 

For growing and expanding businesses and larger companies, it’s critical that safety management systems are tailored to the operations. The expectation from the Safety Regulator to be compliant and manage the system responsibly is much higher for these organisations, so ensuring your safety is completed by a professional is critical. 

Our team of experienced safety professionals can help upgrade you to a safety management system that works for your business. 


What is the process for engaging Big Yellow Safety?

1. We invite you to a free consultation by telephone or at your premises where we discuss your current situation to gain a better understanding of your business and it’s safety challenges. 

2. Once we have more information, we will prepare a tailored quote (free of charge) with options for you to consider. 

3. If you decide you want to work with us, we will commence our simple onboarding process. 

Big Yellow Safety® prides itself on being open and transparent about our offerings and your needs. We are hear to help you create a safer workplace. Contact our Gold Coast WHS Consultant team to book in a free 30 minute consultation, or call 07 5655 4048

Gold Coast WHS Consultant
Gold Coast Safety Consultant offering Safety for expanding business