Big Yellow Safety is an independent expert in workplace investigations.

Big Yellow Safety has a strong knowledge of both Workplace Laws and Work Health and Safety (WHS) Legislation, which makes us experts in workplace matters that may prompt an workplace investigation.

Whether the workplace matter is about bullying, sexual harassment or other breaches of your Code of Conduct, it should be managed swiftly and professionally. Where a serious employee complaint has been received a workplace investigation may be warranted.

With the recent changes to WHS Laws, there have been greater obligations placed on Employers to manage psychosocial risks in the workplace.

Psychosocial risks refer to factors in the workplace that can negatively impact an employee’s mental health and well-being. These factors can include bullying, harassment, work-related stress, violence, and other similar issues.

It is important for employers to investigate complaints of behaviours that may have a risk of causing psychosocial harm to employees, and manage them in a fair and consistent manner, and in accordance with any WHS or workplace policies, in place.

Investigations can be time-consuming and complex, particularly if you aren’t experienced and don’t fully understand your obligations. If you or your team doesn’t have the time or expertise to handle an investigation correctly, Big Yellow Safety can manage the entire process for you, including liaising with the employee who made the complaint.

We ensure your investigation is procedurally fair and that independent findings are made which will help protect your organisation from future complications such as discrimination or workers compensation claims.

We will:

  • Meet with you to discuss the scope of the investigation;
  • Interview the complainant;
  • Interview any relevant witnesses;
  • Interview the respondent/s;
  • Consider all relevant information and provide a comprehensive report on our findings; and
  • Provide recommendations where appropriate.

Big Yellow Safety offers comprehensive independent workplace investigation services, servicing locations throughout Australia.

We work with both employers directly and third parties such as law firms to provide independent findings for workplace matters.

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