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Work Health and Safety Fatality Statistics

As a Person Conducting Business or Undertaking (PCBU) it’s imperative to remain informed in relation to legislation and best practices in the workplace. Statistical data that is released by the government can be used to educate and adjust strategies accordingly and improve Work Health and Safety.

Work Health and Safety management and risk mitigation is an ever-changing environment. Ensuring you remain adaptable and flexible to change will enable you to be most informed and up to date when managing your workplace.

Information released by the State of Queensland relating to key Work, Health and Safety Statistics for 2019/2020 indicate that the workplace fatality rate in Queensland has dropped by over 50% since 2007.

Even though it’s great news that there has been a consistent decrease in fatalities in the workplace, we still lost 41 individuals in Queensland in 2019 who were simply going to work for the day.

Work health and safety management

2019 saw a total of 183 Australians losing their life as a result of a workplace event. Qld is comparatively on par with much of the nation with respect to the rate of fatalities per 100,000 workers.

Nationally the rate is 1.4 workers Vs Queensland’s 1.6 workers per 100,000. Of those 41 individuals in Queensland who passed away as a result of a workplace event, all 41 of them were male. The leading mechanism of incident was vehicle collision which attributed to 41% of all workplace fatalities. The total number of workplace related deaths across Australia in 2019 was 183 of which a staggering 97% were male and 3% female.

Work-related fatalities resulting from diseases, natural causes and suicides are excluded from these figures. Further explanatory notes on the data can be found in the Explanatory notes for Safe Work Australia datasets.

Workplace fatalities and serious injuries are avoidable. It’s the obligation of all business owners to ensure that a safe work environment is provided, including a safe system of work. If you aren’t sure of your obligations and need some help, contact Big Yellow Safety. 

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