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What is the impact of severe weather on your construction site?

Construction sites are places where safety is of the utmost importance. However, Mother Nature may have other plans, even if you implement the best safety program or hire the best safety consultant on the Gold Coast. Therefore, developing a comprehensive plan for all aspects of construction site safety is important to mitigate disasters. Unfortunately, there is no control over the weather, however, you can control your site’s protection time measures and how your employees react to conditions that could lead to a dangerous situation. 

 Listed below are some of the ways severe weather can affect your construction site 


Various weather conditions involving high winds can have an adverse effect on any aerial equipment, including cranes and hoists. Securing scaffolding and suspended workstations properly can prevent their detachment. The wind can also determine the fate of any building that has not yet been strengthened or is in delicate condition. There is also the possibility that high winds can knock over any volatile chemicals that are present on the construction site. Windy weather can also cause heavy equipment and tools to fall to the ground due to the force of the wind. 


A particular danger is associated with thunderstorms’ electrical effects on construction sites. Lightning can strike any structure that extends above ground level. It is because water and metal are both excellent conductors of electricity. Lightning strikes can send shocks of up to 1 billion volts through conductors until they reach an exit point. As a result, the tallest points on your site will be most susceptible, which will result in the transmission of the charge to nearby machinery or people. 

Ice and Hail

There are instances when it rains during freezing temperatures, resulting in ice deposits on the ground, scaffolding, and other structures used before and during construction. Ice and Hail represent a major risk of slipping for both workers on site and passers-by at the site. There is also the possibility of heavy machinery being damaged by the ice and the movement of sensitive equipment. There is a particular danger in freezing rain because it usually forms ice as soon as it hits the ground, leading to icy conditions before there is time for people to react. The piles can also put undue weight on fragile structures, resulting in damage due to the pressure.


High temperatures can also be a major factor in causing hyperthermia and dehydration. There are several reasons why extreme heat is a hazard for workers who are not protected adequately from the sun and heat. Overheating makes people more prone to cardiovascular events. Sun poisoning is caused by excessive sun exposure, which can also lead to neurological problems. 


The presence of severe weather can pose several risks to the safety and integrity of your construction site. You need a robust weather safety plan by a professional safety consultant on the Gold Coast to ensure everything is safe even when weather conditions can be unpredictable. There are many aspects to consider, including equipment safeguards, weather advisory response procedures, and employee health protection. A quality Safety consultant Gold Coast from Big Yellow Safety can assist you in reducing risks through expert risk mitigation procedures to ensure that these protocols and procedures are coordinated effectively. In addition, your safety consultant on the Gold Coast can also assist you in ensuring all the necessary preventative measures are in place and aligned with your site’s needs.