WHS advice

A Safety Specialist can help if you find yourself asking any of the following type of questions?

  • Who is responsible for “safety”?
  • What is my WHS responsibility?
  • What does Safety mean?
  • Where do I start with WHS Management?
  • What is a Safety Management System?
  • What is “duty of care”?
  • What is a Safe System of Work?
  • What is a SWMS?
  • What is a PCBU?
  • What is a HSR?
  • What is an Improvement Notice?
  • What is a Provisional Improvement Notice?
  • What is the difference between a Hazard and a Risk?
  • How important is keeping records?
  • What is the cost of poor WHS practices?
  • What is the worst that could happen?
  • Do I really have to do that? I’m just a small business.

Know that Big Yellow Safety Specialists are here to help.

Our Work Health and Safety specialists have a vast experience across many industries, and we are able to offer that to you to elevate your WHS compliance and put your mind at ease. We understand that Work Health and Safety related issues can at times be overwhelming and complex and for this reason we advise that you reach out to us for support.

A Work Health and Safety specialist is here to guide you in the right direction towards a more cost effective, more productive and safer work environment.

Work Health and Safety is so much more than a high vis vest, a pair of safety glasses and a hard hat.

Come see us and let us guide you through the necessary steps to ensure that you, your employees, and your business as a whole is as safe and productive as possible.

Consider the following information a brief summary of areas where a Safety Specialist could add value to your business.

Safety Specialist

Make Leaders aware of Work Health and Safety Standards

Most leaders and key personnel in companies are either unaware of workplace health and safety regulations or they are too busy with their respective roles that they end up overlooking them. One of the important roles of WHS consultants is to educate those in the workplace of all relevant laws regarding health and safety. This is especially so with its leaders, as they are the ones who can create policies that can potentially benefit everyone. With education and better awareness, positive change can happen and workplace accidents can be prevented.

Inspect workplaces for possible Health and Safety Issues

Even a facility that looks perfectly safe to the untrained eye may hide issues that can cause injury or illness. From lack of awareness of emergency exits to floorings that are too slippery, a WHS consultant can pinpoint deficiencies in facilities, equipment, and information in hopes of getting them resolved. Thus creating a safer , more efficient and more productive working environment.

Provide solutions

They are specially trained in providing solutions to improve health and safety, not just in workplaces, but also in other facilities. Solutions they can provide can be as simple as improving access and availability of safety exits to reconstructing potentially hazardous spots in working areas. A WHS consultant can lay out a plan for improving the overall safety profile of a workplace.

Improve employee and client confidence

One of the many ways to improve morale of workers in any company is to provide facilities where they can work comfortably and with confidence that they are safe. You are able to get the best out of your employees when they feel safe in their working environment.

It is also a way to build trust with your employees. As for your clients, they will feel safe to transact with you if they know all applicable safety standards are being met by your company.

mental health

Improve your company’s profile by engaging a safety specialist

Investing on safety can have a positive impact on your business’s image, both inside and outside the company. On the inside, it’s one way to show that you are serious about providing the best working environment for your team. On the outside, people will see that you are serious about delivering the best service possible. Hiring a WHS consultant can benefit your business beyond boosting workplace health and safety. If you are seeking the services of an experienced safety specialist to add value to your company or business don’t delay that next step any further, Contact us to arrange a free 30-minute Introductory Call with our Gold Coast Safety Consultant. Call our Gold Coast Safety Consultants – 07 5655 4047. Servicing the Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and Northern NSW.