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Poor work health and safety practices can lead to increased workplace injuries, heavy 
fines and jail time.

Don’t be caught out by lax safety in your business. A Big Yellow Safety Health Check is a simple, non-intrusive audit, prepared by our experienced WHS specialists. It gives you a greater insight as to where your safety practices may need improvement, and we all know that knowledge is power (and in the case of safety, knowledge saves you time and money in the long run).   

In the 2018-2019 Australian worker’s compensation reporting period, there were approximately 115,000 serious worker’s compensation claims (at least one week off work). The occupations with the most serious claims were labourers, community and personal service workers and machinery operators and drivers. The industries with the highest rates of claims were agriculture, forestry and fishing industries, the manufacturing industry and the transport, postal and warehousing industries. Read the full report here

While the report above highlights the most common instances of serious claims, it’s important to highlight that serious injury or illness can occur in ANY industry and ANY occupation. Where an employer hasn’t acted on their obligations in regard to WHS they become exposed to potential claims of negligence which can result in penalties and even jail time in serious cases. That’s why a simple safety audit will place you and your business in the best position to avoid these negative consequences. 

What is a Big Yellow Safety Health Check?

risk assessment

A Big Yellow Safety Health Check considers information about how your business operates, from a health and safety perspective. Our WHS Consultant will consider all the relevant data that we collect and then compile it into a report which covers the various areas of safety which are relevant to small and medium business. The WHS report you receive will highlight any gap areas and contain our recommendations. As our Health Check method is quick and non-intrusive, your part will be done in about 30 minutes - it's really that easy to get a snapshot  of Health and Safety for your business. 

What benefits will a simple safety check provide for my business?

Having a Safety Health Check completed will: 

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