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A Safe Workplace – “What is that?”

A Safe Workplace – “What is that?”

A safe workplace benefits everyone. It protects workers from injury and illness—but it also increases productivity, lowers running costs, and improves morale.

A comprehensive Safety Management System that encompasses the following criteria will help you understand your responsibilities and create a safe workplace for you and your workers.

Managing risks
Many workplaces have hazards that place workers at risk of injury or harm to health. All employers must have a clear process in place to eliminate or reduce risks to their workers thus aiding in creating a safe workplace.

Establishing policies and procedures
Having clear policies and procedures in place will keep you and your workers safe and help you comply with work health and safety laws.

Training and supervision
It’s your responsibility as an employer to ensure that you give your workers the information, training, and supervision they require to stay safe in the workplace.

Reporting safety
A good safety reporting process can help stop incidents from occurring at your workplace.

Consulting with workers
Having a conversation with your workers lets you gain first-hand knowledge and experience that will help make your business safer and healthier.

Healthy and safe work environment
Create a healthy and safe working environment by designing and maintaining your place of work to reduce physical and mental health risks.

Management commitment
Responsibility for safety starts at the top. By demonstrating your commitment to safety, your workers will see that you are serious about protecting their well-being.

Safety leadership and culture
To develop a positive culture in your business, you need to show strong safety leadership.

Safe Work Australia is an excellent resource for specific duties and activities for Workplace Health and Safety for small business

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