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Gold Coast Safety

Welcome to Big Yellow Safety, your local Gold Coast Safety Specialist. 

So what’s our story?

Big Yellow Safety was founded from the discovery that the majority of small business owners have a limited understanding of their actual WHS obligations. This means that these businesses may be at risk of employees being seriously injured or the business having to close its doors due to non-compliance. Our mission is to prevent those negative situations from arising. 

Originally operating under its sister company Industryus HR, it was decided that Big Yellow Safety should become its own separate entity. Why?.. because it has a different personality of course! With a bright name and dedicated safety team, we are excited that Big Yellow Safety has landed and can help your business kick goals.

Big Yellow Safety’s primary desire is to help as many businesses as possible to achieve a safer workplace. Outside of this, we are also invested in being good humans and giving back where we can. Big Yellow Safety is proud to be a Corporate Partner with Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, which is just down the road from our Palm Beach HQ.  

Our partnership with Currumbin Wildlife Hospital. 

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital is one of the busiest wildlife hospitals in the world.  Its mission is to treat, rehabilitate and release Australian wildlife. In the last 20 years, over 140,000 wildlife patients would have struggled to survive without the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital and its incredible network of wildlife carers. Big Yellow Safety's partnership with the Hospital provides it with much needed additional funding to help save precious wildlife and restore the environment. 

Big Yellow Safety provides safety services across the entire Gold Coast and Northern NSW regions, and can also do work elsewhere depending on the project. Book a free and confidential consultation at our Palm Beach HQ or via Telephone/Zoom.