workspace air quality

Workplace air quality?

The Invisible Hazards When managing the work health and safety in your workplace it’s important to remember that not all hazards are visible to the naked eye. This is because work processes can release invisible dust, gases, fumes, vapours, mists, and micro-organisms into the environment. This means that the air at work could be hazardous …

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Mandatory Vaccination Guidline

Mandatory Vaccination Guideline – new 4 tier model

Recently, the Fair Work Ombudsman updated its website on whether employers can mandate vaccines in the workplace, by introducing a new mandatory vaccination guideline tool. Mandatory vaccination is certainly a frequent topic that’s being raised amongst employers, particularly as the Delta strain takes over. While the Ombudsman encourages employees and employers to work collaboratively to …

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sun safety

Sun safe policy: do you need one?

State workplace health and safety legislation requires that employers provide a safe work environment for employees, and this extends to protecting them from the harm of UV radiation. All employers who have employees at risk of sun exposure during the workday should implement a sun-safe policy. Sun protection Employees are also responsible for a safe …

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workplace incidents

Are you having too many workplace incidents?

How to prevent workplace incidents injuries and illnesses? While Australia’s work-related fatality rates have been steadily trending downwards, the questions as to “why there are still so many workplace incidents occurring” and “what more can be done?” to prevent workplace incidents, injuries, and illnesses remain? Why are accidents still occurring after decades of increased safety …

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Gold Coast Safety Consultant

A Safe Workplace – “What is that?”

A Safe Workplace – “What is that?” A safe workplace benefits everyone. It protects workers from injury and illness—but it also increases productivity, lowers running costs, and improves morale. A comprehensive Safety Management System that encompasses the following criteria will help you understand your responsibilities and create a safe workplace for you and your workers. …

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