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Understanding WHS Law – A WHS consultant to the rescue

Understanding WHS law – A WHS consultant to the rescue


Our WHS consultant’s here at Big Yellow Safety pride themselves on developing the interpersonal skills that are required to aid businesses in improving their WHS compliance and meeting their legal obligations under the WHS law.

Safe Work Australia is the national policy body responsible for the development and evaluation of the model WHS laws (the model laws), which are comprised of the:

  • Model WHS Act
  • Model WHS Regulations
  • Model Codes of Practice

The model laws have been implemented in all jurisdictions except Victoria and Western Australia; Western Australia is currently consulting on options to implement elements of the model laws. In the jurisdictions where the model laws have been implemented, each state and territory is expected to make variations to ensure the laws operate effectively in their jurisdictions. In some instances, states and territories have also made more substantial variations. This is why it is important to make sure you always consider the WHS laws that apply in your state or territory.

What can a Big Yellow Safety WHS consultant do for you?

A tailored approach is required when developing policies and procedures that form part of a comprehensive Safety Management System. The Big Yellow Safety WHS Health check is an overview of your business’s status regarding managing its WHS obligations.

Upon completion of the health check, a tailored report is issued to your business which enables you to have a clear status on your business’s Work Health and Safety compliance. The tailored report has been developed to identify areas of compliance as well as areas where action would be advised to comply with legislative obligations.

A WHS consultant is then available to liaise with you and or your business and guide you through the necessary steps and ensure that a smooth cost-effective and efficient strategy is developed for implementation.

If you would like support to review your workplace for effective WHS management and legal compliance; Big Yellow Safety now has a dedicated WHS Consultant to assist, contact us on 07 5655 4047 or book an intro session